Nurture (design)

Many selling processes or funnels are unlikely to be completed in one visit. So we need to nurture prospects, taking them from the point where we meet them along the path to the point where they are ready to make a decision whether to accept our offer – or not.

Nurturing may involve the following Major Objectives:

  • Emphasize the problem and its cost
  • Visualize the outcome in their life
  • Present or acknowledge other existing solutions
  • Gather objections
  • Discredit alternatives
  • Set up criteria for best solution
  • Introduce better solution
  • Communicate who the offer is for (and not for)
  • Reinforce the positives / benefits
  • Evidence of why your proposition is ideal
  • Resolve the negatives / Handle objections
  • Prove value (value proposition, make sure the benefit clearly outweighs the cost)
  • Risk reversal
  • Establish scarcity & urgency (where appropriate)

Just working through the list above will give you a significant advantage.

For any of the Objectives in the list above that are appropriate for your campaign, you should build mechanisms for delivering them into your campaign design.

Delivering on these objectives is generally done through content, which is why copywriting is so critical. But ensuring you cover all these steps will give you a content structure that is likely to be effective, even without expertly-written copy!

Some Common Techniques

  • Webinars
  • Video follow-up sequences
  • Email follow-up sequences
  • Product launches

Via TechnoRealism, LLC (Gary Palmer Jr.) & the Open Source Marketing Project (Ben Hunt) / CC BY-SA 4.0