Strategy is the most critical factor in the success (or failure) of any marketing campaign. Unfortunately, it is far too often overlooked as we obsess about implementation techniques.

Your strategy should be a complete picture of where your business or organization fits in the world, and in your prospects’ and customers’ minds.

Open Source Marketing uses the Circuit model, originally developed in 2014 by Ben Hunt for his Ultimate Web Design course (which has now become Open Source Marketing).

The Circuit comprises five core elements:

  1. The Brand (who is making the offer)
  2. Products & Services (i.e. what you actually deliver)
  3. The Proposition (i.e. what you promise or sell)
  4. The Problem you’re promising to solve
  5. And the Market you’re selling to.

In our experience, when all these five core elements are clearly understood, present, strong, and in alignment, you have the basis of a marketing proposition to take to market.

Note: It is important to distinguish between known facts and assumptions, so that we can remember to plan to test assumptions as part of our Campaign Design.

Via TechnoRealism, LLC (Gary Palmer Jr.) & the Open Source Marketing Project (Ben Hunt) / CC BY-SA 4.0